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Newborn Portrait Gallery

Your newborn portraits will be simple, natural, and timeless. Instead of props and costumes, the focus is your baby’s beautiful features. In addition to directed poses, I always incorporate natural, baby-led poses that show your baby’s unique personality and close-up images of details such as hands, feet, lips, and eyelashes so you can remember every tiny feature. Each image is edited by hand to make sure your baby looks as beautiful in print as she does when you look at her. A full newborn session lasts 2-3 hours (occasionally longer) to make sure there is plenty of time for feeding, changing, and comforting your newborn.


Frequently Asked Questions about Newborn Portrait Sessions


Where does the session take place?

Newborn portrait sessions usually take place at my home studio located in Round Hill, VA (10 min west of Leesburg).  For clients who want a luxury experience, I offer the Platinum Newborn Session where I bring the studio to you. My availability for these on-location newborn portrait sessions is very limited, so if this type of session is important to you please book early! The advantage of a studio session is that the lighting is more consistent and predictable.


Why should I come to the studio? I want someone to come to my house.

In a word: light. Light is the foundation of a photograph, and perfecting it for newborns is the key to beautiful images. Studio lighting is softer and more even than natural light. It is also a consistent color temperature and doesn’t leave color casts the way natural light can. The ability to control the amount of light regardless of the weather means that you will receive the highest image quality possible no matter what Mother Nature decides for the day of your session.

In the studio, I have backdrops and access to all of my wraps and fabrics. Family portraits with your newborn cannot be replicated in a home setting. Most homes in this area do not have the kind of space needed to set up for family, sibling, and parent portraits. If these images are important to you, the drive to the studio will be well worth your time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about how your home looks! Having a new baby is a hectic time and you don’t need to worry about cleaning when you come to me. You can just relax with a bottle of water and wifi and let me take care of everything.


Can you pose my baby with her head in her hands like I have seen other photographers do?

What many people do not realize about this pose (which newborn photographers usually refer to as “froggy pose”) when they first see it is that it is a composite shot. That is, two shots must be taken, one with someone holding the baby’s head and the other with someone holding her wrists, and the two images are merged in Photoshop to make it appear as though the baby has her arms propped up holding her head in her hands. Of course, newborn babies do not have the muscle development required to be able to support their heads in this manner. I have elected not to utilize composite shots in my newborn photography, both because my clients tend to prefer more natural, true to life images, and because of safety issues. I simply don’t want to take any risks when it comes to a delicate newborn. Your baby’s safety and comfort are my top priority!


I have a board of newborn images on Pinterest, can you do those?

In a general sense, my intention in every newborn session is to photograph the individual newborn in a beautiful and authentic way. Like every photographer, I am influenced by images that I see, but I always try to put my own spin on it rather than to copy another photographer’s work. If you are using Pinterest to decide on your favorite poses, I will definitely take those preferences into account as I am working with your newborn (with the caveat that not every baby can or will do every pose).


My baby is already 8/10/14 days old — can I still schedule a newborn portrait session?

Ideally, newborn portraits are taken at 5-14 days old. Babies tend to be the sleepiest and curliest in their first two weeks of life. But often it is possible to pose a baby to some extent up to a month of age or so. Success will vary depending on the baby’s size, gestational age at birth, and personality. As long as your expectations are realistic about what can be achieved, and you are fine with wrapped images and parent images as a backup in the event that baby is unhappy with posing, I am happy to schedule a session anytime in the first month of life.


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