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Lifestyle Newborn Gallery

A lifestyle newborn session takes place in the comfort of your home and focuses on documenting your newborn in her usual environment – in the nursery, interacting with mom, dad, and sibling(s), feeding, changing, bathing, sleeping, crying, comforting. I will capture all the little details of this fleeting time that you don’t want to forget – tiny hands and feet, sweet baby lips and cheeks, how the nursery looks, and the way baby looks at you. These sessions are mostly unposed, documenting baby individually and with his or her new family.  We can also include a few family and/or sibling portraits if you like. Newborn lifestyle sessions can take place anytime in the first three weeks of life. These sessions are about 2 hours of shooting time and galleries include at least 30 edited images.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Does my home have to be perfect for a lifestyle newborn session?

Nope! I pride myself on being able to create beautiful images in any setting. What I typically advise is to clear away anything that you don’t want to see in your images. But there is no need to have your home spotless. The focus in these images is on the baby, and the relationships with baby’s new family. I may move things out of the frame if they are distracting, but in general I like to capture the home the way it is.

Is there enough light in my home for a lifestyle newborn session?

This is such an important consideration in deciding what kind of newborn images are the best choice for your family! Most homes, particularly newer construction, have enough available light for an in-home lifestyle session. I use natural light only, so I will need to open all curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible and turn off all artificial lights in order to achieve the kind of images you see in the gallery on this page. (If you have white sheer curtains over some or all of your windows, all the better). There are some situations in which an in-home session can be challenging. Older construction, being on a wooded lot, few windows, small windows, rooms painted dark or bright colors, and a one story home are some of the conditions that can make an in-home session difficult, in addition to the weather and time of year. If your home is very dark, a lifestyle session might not be ideal for getting high quality images, as images captured in low light tend to have a grainy or “noisy” appearance and will not print well at larger sizes. For those with dark homes or who want to hang large prints on their walls, I recommend a studio newborn portrait session. If you are unsure, I would be happy to discuss your individual situation and help you decide!

If I choose a Lifestyle Newborn session, will there be any individual images of the baby to put on a birth announcement?

Yes, absolutely! I always take a number of individual images of your newborn during every session. The main difference between the lifestyle and portrait images is that there is a greater chance that your baby will be awake for the lifestyle images, that the baby will be clothed or wearing a diaper, and they will have more context in the background – I often shoot either in the nursery or master bedroom. Portrait images are taken mostly unclothed or wrapped and against a plain backdrop on a beanbag. However, your baby’s features will be captured beautifully either way.


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