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Photo Credit: Second Ave Photography

Hi there! I am so glad you’re here. My name is Sandi, and in addition to being a photographer, I’m a mom of 4 little boys who I love to the ends of the earth.

But their existence wasn’t a foregone conclusion. Like many parents, we struggled to conceive and were told it might not happen. I will never forget that day. I cried and cried, and knew with absolute certainty that children were the only thing in the world that mattered to me.

If I had had four wishes, I would have wished for the four tiny miracles who were, in time, born to me.


Now, those four babies are not so tiny anymore. They bring me joy every day. I love to document our lives in images, and I love to create those images for other new parents too. I know first hand that the time goes by so fast! I wish I had more professional photographs of my boys’ beginnings. It is a huge regret and one of the many reasons why I love to help new parents get those moments in print to enjoy and remember.

The truth is, there is no more exciting and joyful time than expecting and welcoming a new life into the world. It never fails to awe and inspire me, no matter how many babies I meet. And it is the most rewarding job on earth to capture these tiny new humans during their first days!

So now that I’ve told you why I love to photograph babies, here are a few fun facts about me:

1. In a previous life, I was an attorney. I got my law degree in 2001 from Yale Law School and practiced for almost 10 years before I left the law for good. It was a scary transition, but I do not miss it at all! I admire my many lawyer friends for everything they do, but I am much better suited to parenting and photography. It is never too late to find your calling!

2. I love wine. And chocolate. Separate or together — it’s all good. I like my chocolate dark and my wine dry, but a classic Hershey bar and a cheap bottle of Chardonnay are fun on occasion too.

3. Northern Virginia is honestly my favorite place on earth, and I feel so lucky to live here. My house is only a few minutes from farms and rolling hills, and driving by horses, cows, and open fields is so calming and peaceful to me. Plus, there are seasons and wineries! You can’t beat that.

4. I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and went to Louisiana State University, but I have no Southern accent (although I do often say “y’all”). I believe I am considered an expatriate now because I drink my iced tea unsweetened. 🙂

5. I have a thing about hands and feet — they are really beautiful to me. Don’t be surprised when I take multiple pictures of your baby’s feet — those little toes are the cutest thing going in my book!

Thanks for stopping by my site — I hope to meet you soon.


Sandi Farrell

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